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Video production on Costa del Sol and the benefits [2020]

Video Marketing and production: These industries on the Costa del Sol will particularly benefit from it

The Spanish sunny coast, Costa del Sol, is the setting for a sea of ​​nationalities and entrepreneurs. While all companies will no doubt benefit from using video marketing, there are a number of industries in particular that can easily and quickly use videos to reach out to their customers and convert curiosity into a booking or a sale.

In addition to some technical factors that we have outlined in this article, where you will also find advice and guidance regarding SEO videos that you can implement yourself in your video marketing, there are two reasons why you should use video production in your marketing strategy:

Your customers want to see what you are selling

Your customers want to see you

Whether you have a definite product or your service is yourself, your customers want to see what they are buying and who they are buying it from. While articles and photos serve their purpose, videos speak to your emotions and senses in a way that text and photo cannot. Videos build trust with your target audience and your customers.

Real estate agents on Costa del sol

For example, if you are a real estate agent, it gives your clients peace of mind to see that you are overseeing the project while customers sit at home safe in the knowledge that their housing investment is in safe hands. One real estate agent that is good at using videos as part of their marketing is Mojo Estates.

Another important reason why real estate agents benefit from using video marketing is the fact that the best impression of a home is provided via video. Although many real estate agents use their smartphones to make video presentations for individual clients, it is with a professionally designed video that you offer a vision of the home at its best. Just like the result you can achieve in a professional photo studio with subsequent editing, there is also a difference in what your smartphone can do for you versus a first-class clipped and edited video presentation of a home or an entire residential complex for that matter.

Dentists and doctors on Costa del Sol

Many people choose to have their dental or medical treatments performed in Spain, because it is often much cheaper than in Denmark. However, the price is not the only factor for those customers who choose to have their procedures performed abroad. Here, video marketing is extremely important to reach out to your customers even before they come to the country. With a video you can show your clients what treatments you offer, as well as introduce the staff and the clinic. Cross-border operations make it possible to book in for a treatment that takes place many thousands of kilometres from your home country, but video presentations of the clinic and the staff make clients much more confident when booking treatments in your particular clinic.
At the dentist Clínica Dental Escandinava in Fuengirola, video production in their marketing has been very effective, so customers from Denmark and Scandinavia know the clinic and the staff before they set foot in Spain.

Likewise, the Norwegian doctor Clínica Normed in Elviria, Marbella, shows their clients everything from doctors and treatments to the clinic’s interior and facade in their videos. For many customers, it is nice to know which area the clinic is in and among other practical things, if they can easily get a cup of coffee while they wait.

Lawyers and advisers on Costa del Sol

As with all other industries, it also applies here that your customers want a face to relate to, especially if they have just moved to a new country and cannot easily seek out references. With a video, you can introduce yourself and your business and let your potential customers know that they can contact you easily and safely. A particularly good tip for you as a legal advisor, is to provide useful advice and guidance in your videos. If you have received a good tip, you are much more likely to approach a specific lawyer when you need legal assistance.


Why do we go out to eat? It’s not only to get full; for that we stay at home. When we eat out, it is largely the restaurant atmosphere that we are looking for. Videos are eminent for presenting the unique atmosphere in the courtyard, the light in the evening, how the restaurant glimmers with candles or how festive it will be with live music or, indeed, the irresistible presentation of your dishes. Post professional videos that will make your diners’ mouth water and show customers that they need to make their next dinner booking with you.

Get professionally produced videos

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