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3 tips you can implement in your video marketing

Video Marketing! Is it really worth considering using videos to promote your business? Do you have sufficient resources to create and use video content in your marketing? The answer is simple; yes, it’s worth it. Not just because everyone does, but because video marketing is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools available.

Read here about how to get started with video production as part of your marketing. Whether you have experience with video or are just getting started, you will certainly be able to find some great tips and tricks that will be helpful in your video marketing.

1. Make your video clickable

This means that you must ensure that the recipient is present from the get go. Most customers will see your video in their feed but may feel there are more exciting ones to follow. Therefore, it is important to capture their attention quickly before they move on and consequently never see how great your product / company is. For many, it takes a certain amount of courage to put out quick flashes, effects and clips, but it pays off if the recipient’s attention is maintained. While it may seem counterintuitive, be sure to make an impact straightaway in the video.

2. Make your video searchable

No doubt you are familiar with YouTube, but are you also aware that this video platform is the world’s second largest search engine after Google? For the same reason, when you post your video online, in order that your profile has maximum effect, it could be worth more money if you research what keywords to use.
Whether you produce your videos yourself or you get professionals to do it for you, it should include SEO. That is, you optimize the video with the right keywords, #hashtags and tags. This way, the video is enhanced, and there is a greater chance that it will appear in the feed of your specific target group.

3. Include a call to action

“Great video, so what”? This is not the reaction your customers should have after watching your well-produced video to the end. Always include a Call to action; in other words, a call to action that could be clicking, sharing, subscribing, buying, calling, signing up or something completely different.

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Video marketing

This is how video increases your sales and gives you value for money

Videos can really boost your revenue. According to a study conducted by HubSpot, consumers who watch videos are 1.8 times more likely to make a purchase than those who do not. In other words, there is almost twice as much chance of the recipient making a purchase when presented with a video.

Of course, it does not matter how such a video is put together. While your smartphone can undoubtedly capture sharp images, there is much editing work carried out before you see the impressive end product. Large, reputable brands spend sums of money equivalent to a small Hollywood production on creating videos that get you converted from recipient to buyer, but smaller ones can do this too.

Have your video marketing done by a professional

The video trend today is fast; we are presented with a lot of material all the time, and capturing the attention of your customers with a video is not enough – you also need to sustain that attention and make sure it results in a sale or action when you use video marketing. A professional video editor knows how to cut and paste your video accordingly.
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