Kim Kold -
Kim Kold – Website & Photo Shoot in Spain 2019
In the autumn 2019 Kim Kold contacted me regarding his new online coaching and training program. He needed new photos and a website. We did a couple of photo shoots and had some great days, on the Costa del Sol,...
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Ascari Race Track Spain, Models & Jono Carroll [Behind the scenes photo and video shoot 2019]
Behind the scenes photo and video shoot 2019: Ascari Race Track Spain, Models & the boxer Jono Carroll, for Life of the Fresh and Boxlite Racing Lifestyle Marbella. Instagram:   Video behind the scenes at Ascari Race Track,...
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video marketing2019
Why everyone needs to start focusing on video content marketing

Video enhances organic traffic We know that content remains essential to draw and engage the audience online. We have all heard that content is king and that is absolutely true but the most important thing to consider here is the…

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real estate marketing video
Ready to harness the power of visual marketing?
Video Marketing Ready to harness the power of visual marketing? How do you stand out from the crowd? Video marketing, why use it? Viewers attention are drawn by exciting video footage and if it comes to buying, renting or selling...
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Car branding video

Car branding video concept brings social media and Lifestyle together in one Video marketing concept, filmed in Sotogrande, Spain. Concept idea: Watch video Car branding video

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Here is tip number 2 from our Blog – Video content

Video concept strategy Stand out from the crowd, competitors, other property listings in Marbella, Málaga, Mijas, Fuengirola.. and consider these great video concepts: video interview with the realtor/real estate agent, seller, landlord. If you are looking to sell your house,…

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Here is tip number 1 from our Blog – Property for sale Costa del Sol

Improve your property presentation with professional HDR photos* Pictures. Update your ad with new and sharp HDR photos*. One of the main factors for the guests or potential clients to choose your property is the images. Be sure to take…

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