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Why everyone needs to start focusing on video content marketing

Video enhances organic traffic

We know that content remains essential to draw and engage the audience online. We have all heard that content is king and that is absolutely true but the most important thing to consider here is the medium used to convey. And going by the trend we can say that nowadays the video content is the most important medium.

So, we all have to accept and embrace it within our content marketing strategies. More than 60% of businesses worldwide are already using video content to boost their digital marketing. The reason behind using video content is that they believe that video content provides a better return on investment than traditional means. In a short while, the video content has become the go-to option for most business and they are using this to the fullest.

The video is no longer a piece of your marketing plan rather it has become central to your marketing efforts. And if we are to talk about social channels then you won’t see anything but video content. The rise of several video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many others has made it easy to reach out to your audience with effective campaigns. And the business isn’t usually hit financially because of the advancement of the technologies. The shooting, editing and distributing the video content has never been this easy before.

Earlier the video was considered as an entertainment tool but nowadays it is useful more than just entertainment. If you put a video on your landing page then you can see that your sales are increased by 80%. Because a detailed video about your service or product helps the users in making the right choice. More than 90% of consumers believe that video helps them making a decision to buy something.

Video can be a versatile tool to showcase your services or anything for that matter. The options here are endless for video content. You literally could do anything to market your content through videos.

Here are some benefits of video content marketing and why it is termed as the future of content.

Video enhances organic traffic and conversions

Yes, the video does play a role in bringing the traffic to your page and it isn’t by a small number. It makes a significant effect in enhancing the organic traffic, according to reports the use of video content makes an impact on organic traffic by up to 40%. And if you think it’s all about traffic then it is not because it also impacts the conversion rate also.

If you have a link with your video then the chances are high that it will get clicked and followed by the consumers. Which ultimately converts your visitors into customers.

Video helps users retain information

If you read something then there are high chances that you’d forget that in some time. But it is said that the visual memories are the best way to retain information. So, if someone watches a video then there are high chances that they will retain about 90% of that information for a long time. The thing that is worth sharing here is that the completion rate is much higher if you entice them with something. It could be anything, if someone gets something in return they are happy about it and they’ll gladly do it.

Video content can work anywhere

The thing about video content is that it can work anywhere. Yes, you can embed a video anywhere and users will watch it.

You can upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other social channels and it will bring the audience from everywhere. You can also embed video in your landing pages to increase the authenticity, and lastly, you can send a video through email. Yes, you can use your video content anywhere on the internet and people will watch it and come to use your service.

Let’s take a look at how video content can turn into leads and sales

Well, the foundation of any relationship is trust and understanding. So, first, you have to build an understanding with your audience to gain their trust. And one of the ways to do it is by properly explaining what video is trying to say. If your video was clear in explaining things then you can retain those customers who liked it.

This understanding leads to building trust with you and your audience and once you have their trust you can start establishing your brand. Once you’ve done all that then you can think of generating leads and sales from those videos. If your purpose is to generate leads through it then you can use the gated video content. The gated video content is like asking your viewers for their name and email. This is a very cool way to extract that information and people do it if they trust you.

The acceptance of video is widespread and that is why it carries value to any business. The audience that trusts you will buy things that you advertise in those videos. So ultimately the trust with your audience results in sales.

The forecast for video marketing for 2019

Video marketing is such a broad strategy for business across the world. And here are some forecast and trends that will shape the year 2019.

More social media websites will utilize them – Facebook has begun to market video in a large way. And more and more social media channels will come on board fully in the coming months.

Video content will dominate – It the coming future the video will become more important than the television itself. And everyone will want a piece of it.

AI-driven tools will make it easy to analyze – In the coming months the video platforms will utilize the AI-driven features to analyze the statistics of user behavior.

Video and Search will be closely knit – In the coming months, the search engines will focus more on videos when ranking is concerned. Google has already begun to place videos in their search results but in the near future, the videos will play an even bigger role.